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Google Earth is a free application developed by Google that lets you view the Earth as a virtual globe and as a map. Google Earth is a very popular utility that has a myriad of features including getting directions to and from any placemark. Here's how you can find directions for any place in Google Earth:

  • Right-click an icon or listing result - In the pop-up menu, select either 'Directions from here ' or 'Directions to here'. When you do this, the 'Search' panel automatically transfers the information to the 'Directions' tab. The route and turn-by-turn directions appear in the search listings window.
  • To Here/From Here - To do this, click any search result listing or placemark to view the information balloon in the 3D viewer. Click To Here or From Here. Location information appears in the appropriate field ('From' or 'To') in the Directions tab. Repeat this action for either the starting location or the final destination and click the Search button. The route and turn-by-turn directions appear in the Search panel.
  • Enter start and ending points in the Directions tab. You can manually enter valid location searches in each input box. After clicking the Search button, the route and turn-by-turn directions appear in the search listing window below the search input.

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