Google Earth Flight Simulator

Google Earth is a free application developed by Google that lets you view the Earth as a virtual globe and as a map. Google Earth is a very popular utility that has a myriad of features and probably one of the best options is its flight simulator. Learn how to activate the flight simulator feature to be able to fly around the globe in Google Earth.

  • Click Tools > Enter Flight Simulator
  • Press CTRL + Alt + A ( + Option + A on the Mac)
  • The Flight Simulator dialog box appears. You need to chose the following:
  • Aircraft - Choose the airplane you would like to fly based on the descriptions shown. The SR22 is a slower plane and easier for beginners.
  • Start Position - Choose where you would like to begin.
  • Joystick support - Check Joystick enabled if there is a joystick device on your computer that you would like to use.

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