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Google Earth 4.3

An application interface that lets you include google earth content in your web
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Google has released an API with which any web developer can use Google Earth on an Internet page.
Google Earth plugin is an extension for Internet Explorer and Firefox that lets you view the contents of those pages that have integrated Google Earth, you should not be confused with Google Maps.

Features such as the sights and buildings or 3D Google Sky are available on Google Earth plugin.

Without doubt, the most interesting opportunities are opening up to web developers, who can perform all kinds of operations on Google maps.

Developers need any google account (a gmail account is enough) and request a google earth and google maps API key submitting a form on the application website.

Website users or visitors just need to download the plugin as prompted on their Internet Explorer or Firefox browser. Like the stand alone application, the plugin supports only Windows Operating Systems and the system need to meet the same hardware requirements that its stand alone version.

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  • Compatible with IE6,7 and Mozilla Firefox


  • Performance can vary depending on developer's skills and website server specs
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